Our Fees

All Court Claims

We assist with all claims over £5,000 on the following basis:-

Stage One – No Court case – Direct Settlement

We firstly assess all claims free of charge as we will not take any claim that we feel does not have a reasonable chance of success, as to do so would be charging you for claim that in our view would be unsuccessful. Once having positively assessed your claim and you wish to use our services we would in accordance with court protocol prepare for you to send a Letter before Action together with draft court claim papers to the defendant which allows 14 days to make payment directly to you. It is your claim and if payment is made this saves you the further cost and expense of a court hearing. Furthermore if this court pre action protocol is not carried out correctly your claim may be struck out. Many defendants once receiving a properly worded legal letter with draft court claim papers have paid in full, you would receive all the money – no court case.

Claim AmountStage One fee by agreement
£5,000 to £100,000+£450 to £750

Stage Two – Court Case (additional to above fees if not settled)

If the defendant fails to respond within the 14 days you have the option to progress to having court papers served on the defendant. We will prepare all the papers for you to check and either have us change or alternatively sign and send to the court for service on the defendant. The defendant has 14 days to either pay you in full in which this will be the end of the claim or alternatively enter a defence. If he enters a defence this is now a defended claim which will inevitably go to a court hearing. The charge for our dealing with all the court papers up to the trial, evidence and statements depends on the complexity and amount of the claim.

Additional trial fee if goes to Court around £346 (not refundable by court)

All the above fees are payable in advance to us on instruction by bacs or card.
Upon receipt of instruction and completion of payment, refunds will not be issued.

County Court Claims

When the stage two claims are submitted to the Court you will pay court fees direct to the Court based currently on 5% of the value of your claim which are refundable at the discretion of the Court if you are successful.

If you are successful in your claim you are entitled to claim from the defendant at the discretion of the court all eligible fees that you have paid out including initial court fees. However, if you lose your claim you will be liable to reimburse the defendant with all his legal fees paid out and you will lose your court fees. We cannot guarantee you a successful claim which will ultimately be a decision of the court.

Advice and Representation by a Barrister

We are neither solicitors nor profer to give legal advice and if you require such advice either before your claim commences after stage one we are licensed by the Bar Council to instruct one of our pool of barristers to give such advice. Furthermore if you require to be represented at the hearing of your claim as it is possible that the defendant will have his own representation we can instruct a barrister on your behalf and will obtain a quotation.


If you receive a Judgment and the defendant is not willing to make payment then we can arrange for the matter to be put in the hands of Bailiffs or High Court Sherriffs at a nominal amount.

Payment of Fees

Initial Court Fees are charged by the Court based on 5% of the Claim (including any interest claimed).

These fees are paid by the Claimant when the Court Claims forms are completed and sent to the Court.

These fees are refundable to the successful side (at the discretion of the Court).

Our fees together with Counsel’s fees are payable in advance.

Counsel’s fees (not ours) may be refundable to the successful side at the discretion of the court.

The losing side (at the discretion of the court) may have to pay their own costs and that of the opposing side.

Additional Hearing fee (if the claim goes to a hearing) is payable of £346 and this is not refundable.

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