Our Fees

Small Claims

We assist with all small claims from £3,000 to £10,000 on the following basis:-

Stage One

Assessing and preparing the Letter before Action and Draft Legal Court papers for you to send to the defendant (party you are claiming against).

Our charge: £300

If you (the claimant) is paid or come to an agreement within 14 days there are no further charges from ourselves and no court case. The CLAIMANT (you) RECEIVE ALL THE MONEY PAID (we do not work on a no win – no fee basis.)

Stage Two

If the Defendant does not pay or come to an agreement within 14 days – we prepare the various claims forms for court service upon the defendant who has 28 days to either defend the case or pay – if defended, there is a court case.

If ignored, the claimant obtains a judgment (CCJ) and enforces It through the courts – if and when paid, the CLAIMANT (you) RECEIVE ALL THE MONEY PAID.

We prepare all the claims forms based on law and assist with most court forms.

For claims up to £5,000

Our charge: £600 (base charge of £300 from stage one + £300)

For claims from £5,001 to £10,000

Our charge: £700 (base charge of £300 from stage one + £400)

Court Charges

A charge made by the court when the claim forms are issued will be a further sum of between £100 and £455(refundable if the claim is successful).
Our fees are not refundable.

The Court will charge a hearing fee based on the amount of the claim which is not refundable.

All fees payable in advance by card or bank transfer.

County Court Claims

We assist with bigger claims from £10,001 to £100,000 on the following basis:-

Our initial assessment of your claim: No charge

If negative we will not proceed further:
No charge

If positive and with your agreement we prepare instructions to Counsel for an opinion as to whether there is a reasonable chance of success.

Our charge: £850

If the Counsel feels that your claim has a more than reasonable chance of success with your agreement we will obtain a quotation from Counsel which we will quote you together with our own fees if the case reaches a hearing.

Our charge: TBA

Pre Hearing – Stage One

A letter with draft Court forms prepared for you to forward to the other side which if they then agree to pay the full claim (or you reach a settlement) then there will be no court hearing and you will receive all the money (we do not operate on a no win no fee basis)

Our charge: £500

Pre Hearing – Stage Two

If the other side do not pay your claim or fail to reach an agreement with you then we will prepare all the court forms for service and deal with pre-court administration and there will be a hearing (subject to a defence being pleaded) and Counsel will represent you in Court. At this stage you will be notified of a court date.

Our Charge: Counsel’s agreed fee plus our fee depending on claim value and complexity of claim

Payment of Fees

Initial Court Fees are charged by the Court based on 4.5% of the Claim (including any interest claimed).

These fees are paid by the Claimant when the Court Claims forms are completed and sent to the Court.

These fees are refundable to the successful side (at the discretion of the Court).

Our fees together with Counsel’s fees are payable in advance.

Counsel’s fees (not ours) may be refundable to the successful side at the discretion of the court.

The losing side (at the discretion of the court) may have to pay their own costs and that of the opposing side.

Additional Hearing fee (if the claim goes to a hearing) is payable of £545 and this is not refundable.

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