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Whether your business is large or small there will be times when customers don’t pay you. in the first instance speak directly with the business and find out the problem or difficulty. It may simply be a short term cash flow problem and the customer promises to pay you within a short period of time.

If another business or a customer owes you money then we are here to help!

Sending written reminders rarely works. Business often ignore them and they go straight in the bin. If you are in this position then let us help. We are experts in business debt collection.

  • We prepare a ‘Letter before Action’ for you, written in the correct court protocol.
  • We prepare a draft Court Claim Form, which makes it clear that if payment is not received within 14 days you will proceed to court.

The Letter before Action gives the customer a chance to settle the account or to try and negotiate a settlement with you. This may involve a part payment immediately and the balance within an agreed period.

If this action fails we assist you to prepare Court Claim Papers for serving against the debtor. This gives 28 days to settle your account from of the court papers.

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Business Debt Collection

If the customer ignores the claim after 28 days you can apply for a County Court judgment. This is a formal process made against the customer which can be followed up by enforcement. We are the experts at this and can instruct bailiffs on your behalf. If necessary we will also move the order to the High Court to obtain a warrant that the Sheriffs can enforce.

If you are owed money – whatever size of business then why wait? Start Detailing Your Claim Today!

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Claims Over £5,000

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