We are a company who is set up specifically to help individuals or businesses make or defend a court claim, without using solicitors.

We deal with claims over £10,000 to a maximum of £100,000 which will usually be represented by a barrister specialist in the field of law appertaining to your claim. The losing party in such a case will be responsible for payment of their own costs and those of the successful party at the discretion of the Court. As these costs can be relatively high, it is advisable to consult a barrister first to assess the chance of success of the claim.

We feel it is important that at the beginning that you know if you have a reasonable chance of being successful in any claim you make or you are defending. Our initial assessment (although if positive cannot guarantee that you would be successful) enables us to determine any potential claims that we believe do not meet the criteria of having a reasonable chance of success so that we can inform you accordingly.

NO – we offer an ethical service and if that was the situation, we could not in all honesty assist and charge you for a claim that we believe would not have a reasonable chance of being successful. We would however urge you to try and settle the claim by correspondence or through mediation and assist in this if you wished us to do so.

No – if you are successful you keep it all.

We charge for our services to assist you in making or defending your claim.

Bad workmanship from builders and tradesmen, non- delivery or faulty goods, unpaid wages or being owed money and businesses owed money from customers!

We would assist you in completing the Court Claims form to start your claim and help you to complete a letter before action and all other court forms including allocation questionnaires, witness statements right up to the court hearing.

Yes whether you wish to make a claim or a claim is being made against you as an ordinary person or a business we can help.

No – if you wish to deal with a claim yourself you can do so by going to www.moneyclaims.gov.uk.

You should contact us and we will see what your problem is and assist you to deal with it.

NO – You can only apply to get back your court fees by claims made manually and submitted with a completed claim remission form.

This depends if you qualify. If you are on benefits or on low income you may qualify and we can help you apply.

We are not solicitors but we could discuss with you about providing an agent ( solicitor or barrister) to represent you at a reasonable cost and depending on the amount of your claim whether this was what you wanted.

NO – it could be that the claim is settled before it comes to Court. Alternatively a mediated settlement could be entered into between the parties.

If you are successful the Court will enter a Judgement in your favour for an amount of damages together with the any court costs paid and has the discretion to include any further reasonable expenses you have incurred say for witness expenses.

It is usual that payment should be made to you within 21 days (or other period that the court decides) but it happens on occasions that the money is not paid and that the Judgement made needs to be enforced by you through the Court. If it is discovered that the other side has no assets you will not receive any money.

Yes. The losing party is responsible to pay their own legal expenses and that of the successful party.