Do's and Don'ts

After years of dealing with all types of scams from builders, car dealers, suppliers of faulty goods etc we are producing some of our own free Tips of What to Do, and What Not to Do! 

Builders – Do’s and Don’ts

DO – If not too far, go and see the work yourself or at least phone the customer and ask him if the builder was reliable and if the standard of work was satisfactory
DO – Check if planning or building regulations are required – use an architect or planning consultant to draw up plans and submit them to the Council before starting work and arrange for regular supervision of the works
DO – Wherever possible pay by credit card which affords you protection under the Consumer Credit Act. Pay in stages and avoid cash – if necessary pay by bacs.
DO – Always check out the builder on line or with reviews or even ask your local authority building control or trading standards.


DO NOT – Pay the builder in advance but draw up a contract listing stage payments
So many of our clients have paid in advance, and the builder failed to turn up or produce satisfactory work – then they come to us to help them recover their money
DO NOT Use a builder that can start immediately – most good builders are busy and it is far better waiting for them to complete their current job the quality of which can be checked by you.
DO NOT be pressured by builders saying they cannot continue unless you pay them more cash immediately – stick to your arrangements.

CAR DEALERS – Do’s and Don’ts

DO – Spend £100 or so on having the AA or another responsible mechanic check out any car before you buy it.
DO  – Pay for it using Credit Card or Visa (chargeback scheme applicable) and even if you just pay a deposit if the car is faulty and was misrepresented when sold you have a better chance of having your money refunded.
DO – take finance out in the form of HP rather than a personal loan as any problems with the car the HP company own the car and are enjoined with you in any misrepresentation when the car was sold.
DO – Take advice as to your Consumer Rights if after complaining to the dealer you are not getting anywhere.


DO NOT – Pay for the car in cash and ensure you are buying from a dealer.


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