We at Money Claims Help Ltd have researched and assisted clients to obtain their cash back from certain travel companies intending to hold on to it or insist it gives holiday vouchers instead of cash or a credit note – did you know that for cancelled bookings you should be offered a cash refund payable within 14 days though that is not happening.

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Your rights if a holiday or flight is cancelled

You are protected by Law when booking a package holiday – if the provider cancels your holiday the package travel regulations mean you are entitled to a refund which should be processed within 14 days

Why haven’t I been paid?

It is taking months and months to process these refunds blaming the situation on having lack of staff and basically trying to wear customers down.

Why can you obtain the refunds when so many are still waiting on promises?

We use different methods including threats of court proceedings and forwarding draft claims court papers when required.

Are you always successful?

Nobody is always successful, but we consider the claim and how it arose and give an honest free assessment of your chances of success. The decision whether to use our services is then down to you.


Case Example

How we helped David obtain a refund of £2,899

Booked and paid for a holiday to Central Asia for April 2020 through a travel company he used many times before but after months of waiting and only being offered vouchers he approached us and he had his money refunded within three weeks. He said it was the best £300 he had ever spent and had more or less given up.

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difficulty obtaining your holiday refund
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Do you operate on a no win no claims basis?

No – we charge £300 for the initial recovery work and if successful all the money is paid directly to you by the travel operator or airline. If not paid, we charge a further fee of £300 (£400 claims over £5000) to initiate and assist you taking court proceedings.

What about if we booked via credit card or debit card?

There are special rules relating to credit card and debit card protection but as most clients have discovered when trying to claim through their bank, they also come up with many excuses not to pay one famous bank refusing to pay as it called the pandemic an act of God.